February 25, 2013


Listen to Demi Lovato's Genre-Bending "Heart Attack"

Demi Lovato is doing her best to appeal to everyone with her new single. Fans of pop, rock and EDM should all love this one.

“Heart Attack” precedes her as-yet-untitled upcoming fourth studio album, with poppy violins, Skrillex-esque electro build-ups and acoustic guitar strums all packed into the bite-sized three-and-a-half minute track. Lovato’s vocals are top-notch, particularly at the end of the bridge where she lets her belting skills rip for the song’s remainder.

Lyrically, the singer tells the battle between leaving her defenses up or letting herself fall headfirst in love. Earlier in the month, Lovato teased the single, saying “Heart Attack” is “"a celebration of life and love." Yet it's not clear which way The X Factor judge's feelings went with lyrics like, "You make me nervous / But I just can't hold your hand... / So I'm putting my defenses up / 'Cause I don't want to fall in love."

Take a listen to the impressive single above. If the album combines genres as easily as “Heart Attack,” it looks like pop fans are in for an exciting, multi-genre experience.