February 25, 2013


Will Mumford & Sons Rap on New Album?

Tim Whitby
Tim Whitby

Fresh off winning Album of the Year at The Grammys for Babel, Mumford & Sons joked to Rolling Stone about their next record's direction.

"I do feel like we're ready to make the departure," said the indie folk group's keyboardist Ben Lovett. “We really want to rap. We've just got so much to say—saying it through a melody doesn't really work for me. We've been talking with Jay-Z about it, you know. It's gonna be a fresh experience for our band." Jay-Z, apparently, was not available to comment to RS.

If they do take the hip hop route, we've already begun thinking possible song titles: “I Will Wait…for My Shawty”? “The Cave…of Rap”? “Little Lion Man (Raggae Remix featuring Snoop Lion)”? Got anything better?