February 19, 2013


Rapper Mykki Blanco Pushes All Kinds of Boundaries on "Kingpinning"

Mykki Blanco, who started her career in art as a performance artist and poet, might be spreading her message as a cross-dressing emcee these days, but don't call the New York native part of the Queer Rap movement. "One day I will have put out so much music and done so many different things and played with so many different nuances, that term will be irrelevant," she tells MTV UK.

Her latest, "Kingpinning," was produced by long-time collaborator Brenmar, and features buzzworthy friends Le1f and Dev Hynes. While we're just sitting back and enjoying the semi-NSFW video, Mykki informs the Guardian we're also learning all about the "kingpin" lifestyle: "You don't gotta be rich, and you don't gotta be famous to be a Kingpin, you just have to be the master of whatever it is you do, command respect and look good doing it."