February 27, 2013


One Direction's Harry Styles Gets Nailed in the Crotch by a Shoe

UPDATE: The shoe thrower has spoken! A Scottish teenage girl named Jade explained she "just wanted [Harry Styles] to touch something" of hers and she "didn’t mean to him there." The girl tweeted, "The only reason security let me back in was cos Harry told them to." Nice of him not to hold a grudge!

People, this seriously happened—One Direction's Harry Styles was hit in the privates by a flying shoe during a concert and collapsed onstage. And fortunately for the world, video exists. Watch it above, because how could you not.

What front row Directioneer would assault the mop-headed pin-up in such a brutal fashion? As of now, no arrests have been made, though several audience members wearing Taylor Swift t-shirts were briefly detained (kidding, kidding). Although Swiftie did have this to say about the incident.

Although it probably did hurt like hell, Styles seemingly played it up for laughs—his crotch-grabbing sideways fall is almost too perfect (too Hans Moleman-esque) to be true. Then again, would he really be thinking about hamming it up after being nailed in the Take Me Home region? Hard to say. Watch it above and decide for yourself.