February 17, 2013


Patrick Carney's 11 Funniest Tweets as Justin Bieber


We've always known that Patrick Carney is a kick-ass drummer for The Black Keys. But we've just learned that he's also a fantastic Justin Bieber impersonator. As we reported earlier today, Carney has escalated his feud with the pop star's fans—who have been showering him for days with Twitter hate—by transforming his Twitter profile into a Bieber clone page. Carney's profile pic is now a shot of Bieber in Carney-esque glasses. And Carney's Twitter name has morphed over the past few hours from "Justin Bieber" to "Justin Bieber Carney." (To get fully caught up on the situation, read our recap of the feud's history.)

Meanwhile, Carney's been on a Twitter tear, sending out dozens of tweets as "Bieber." No matter where you stand on the feud, you gotta admit some of the tweets are priceless. Click through for our collection of Carney's funniest dispatches so far.

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