February 12, 2013


Phoenix Unveil 'Bankrupt!' Release Date, Cover Art & Tracklist

Fans of exuberant French indie pop, brace yourselves: Phoenix just revealed the release date, cover art and tracklist for their upcoming fifth album Bankrupt! So now we know everything about this album—including the upcoming spring tour dates in support of it—except for what it sounds like. 

So while we wait to hear what Phoenix's fifth movement sounds like—hopefully Judd Nelson can dance to this one, too—feast your eyes on the peachy cover art above and pore over the tracklist below. 

And buy the album when it comes out on April 23! After all, these guys sunk $17,000 into buying the recording console used on Michael Jackson's Thriller, and as Frenchmen, you know they have costly addictions to croissants and café au laits.

Bankrupt! Tracklist

1. Entertainment
2. The Real Thing
3. S.O.S. In Bel Air
4. Trying To Be Cool
5. Bankrupt!
6. Drakkar Noir
7. Chloroform
8. Don't
9. Bourgeois
10. Oblique City