February 6, 2013


Rihanna Accompanies Chris Brown to Court, Blows Him Kiss

Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf

Chris Brown made a pit stop in a Los Angeles court on Wednesday afternoon to face allegations that he faked some or all of his community service hours.

Rihanna—who recently owned up to getting back with the ex-boyfriend who beat her up prior to the 2009 Grammys—accompanied Brown to court. She made a point to publicly blow him a kiss as he entered the court room, according to the AP. After a judge announced he needed more time to review the case, Rihanna left with Brown. The R&B singer is scheduled to return to court on April 5.

Just yesterday, TMZ got their hands on the police report detailing the parking lot brawl between Brown and Frank Ocean. According to the incident report, Brown and two others beat up Ocean after he demanded Brown leave his parking spot. Fortunately for Brown's probation, Ocean decided not to press charges, reasoning, "Forgiveness is wisdom."