YES. There's a new David Bowie song/video out today, and it rocks on both accounts. In this slightly NSFW clip, Bowie and Tilda Swinton play an aging married couple, leading a quiet and "nice" life, who are mysteriously stalked by a tabloid celebrity couple.

It's a brilliant video, if only for the scene where THE icon of glam rock androgyny confronts a younger version of himself just to tell him to turn down that darn rock n' roll racket. Also, Tilda chases Bowie with a carving knife. And did I mention this video affords us the chance to hear Bowie wish someone a "happy hump day?"

Yes, all this and more awaits you in the "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" video. So check it out over at Vevo, but be sure to cover your eyes at the four minute mark because you wouldn't want to catch a half-second glimpse of a topless woman.

Bowie's new album The Next Day drops on March 12.