February 13, 2013


State of the Union Shocker: Ted Nugent Hated It

David Livingston
David Livingston

Ted Nugent attended last night's State of the Union address thanks to a Texas congressman who is either an NRA lifer or an Andy Kaufman-esque mastermind of prolonged awkward comedy. Yes, this means the man who stated Obama's second term would put him in jail or six feet under was present for the President's yearly update and—surprise, surprise—he didn't like any of it.

He tweeted as much after exiting the melee of reporters hoping he'd say something much crazier than he actually did:

It deeply pains me to report that the prez is a master scam artist-didnt believe a word
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But honestly, it's a blessing in disguise Nugent didn't agree with anything Obama said, because you're not supposed to fire guns into the air during a State of the Union address.