February 28, 2013


Thirty Seconds to Mars Debuting New Song From Space Station

How's this for a comeback? Thirty Seconds to Mars—never one to be outdone by will.i.am's space adventures—will debut a track from their first new album in four years ... in space. 

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NASA and SpaceX (a tech company focused on space exploration) are teaming up to send the rock band’s new song, “Up in the Air," up to the International Space Station. Check out its cover art above.

The rocket holding the first copy of the track will reach the station on March 18. That same day frontman Jared Leto & Co will hold a live Q&A at NASA’s mission control. After chatting, an astronaut will premiere "Up in the Air" for us earthlings. Watch it all unfold on the band's website.

Watch the rocket's blast off tomorrow at 10:10 A.M. ET via NASA’s website.

There's still no release date or title for Thirty Seconds to Mars’ new album. But with such a galactic kick start to their comeback, fans should expect more details soon. But how can they band top a trip into space? Any suggestions?