February 12, 2013


Youth Lagoon Gets Joyfully Transcendent on "Mute"

Frank Hoensch/Getty Images
Frank Hoensch/Getty Images

Youth Lagoon isn't a casual musical outing. Trevor Powers started working on his upcoming second album Wondrous Bughouse—which today's Song of the Day "Mute" hails from—after chewing on "the metaphysical universe and blending those ideas with pop music."

Even if that statement makes you think, "Now what the hell does that mean?," one listen to "Mute" confirms Powers is going after something more expansive than your typical psych-pop song here.

Over the course of six minutes, this lovely, inviting tune transfigures into a joyously transcendent pop epic. It's a more optimistic-sounding version of Wilco on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Take a listen below and keep a wide eye out for Wondrous Bughouse on 3/5.