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15 WTF Moments From SXSW 2013

Grown men playing with toys, a python getting down in the street and wolf man on the violin. Yup, Austin definitely lived up to its "weird" motto

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May the Horse Be With You

Shannon Stewart for Fuse

Due to a tragic misunderstanding, Bill was fired shortly after this was taken when his manager heard he was "out back spanking the horse."

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Shannon Stewart for Fuse

This is a carboat 'cause that's just how Austin do. You can just picture a hole in the floorboard where dude's feet go when the engine stops Flintstones-style.

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Flaming Lips Fake-Out

The Flaming Lips perform at the Auditorium Shores Stage on March 15, 2013 during the SXSW Music Conference.
Shannon Stewart for Fuse

"Somebody told me Justin Timberlake's backstage getting high," said Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne. The mystery guest brought out was revealed as My Morning Jacket's Jim James, who hopped on "Do You Realize??"

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The Club

Shannon Stewart for Fuse

We get it. Different strokes to each his own blah blah. But club dress and stilettos at 5pm doesn't seem like the most comfortable option in Austin.

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Thong and Dance

Shannon Stewart for Fuse

Now that's more like it.

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Shannon Stewart for Fuse

Thank you, Violin Monster for your unabashed efforts to keep Austin weird. 

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Spotted at SXSW

Shannon Stewart for Fuse

This guy was practically begging people to take his pic. This is like a high schooler taking out an ad for someone to go to the prom with him, but fine, we'll oblige. We are not 100% sure this isn't Tommy Lee.

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Sssouth by Sssouthwest

Shannon Stewart for Fuse

This needs some context: When a rapper began illegally performing on top of that white van, the cops came to nicely put the stop on it. Before that, though, python lady and her reptilian friend began dancing.

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Pro Tip

Pink backpacks really make you stand out.

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Jason Newman for Fuse

F-ck you.

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A Different Side

Shannon Stewart for Fuse

Austin has now replaced Gomorrah as the epicenter of sin. How long before some Texas hipster in the Austin Tourism Board approximates this photo to entice people to visit?

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Screw You, Walkers

Shannon Stewart for Fuse

This is a good segway into the next photo.

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Flaming Pips

The Flaming Lips perform at the Auditorium Shores Stage on March 15, 2013 during the SXSW Music Conference.
Shannon Stewart for Fuse

Early in the show, Coyne brought out a plastic special guest. "We just found this baby backstage," said Coyne. "We figure its parents are around somewhere."

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The New Pedicab

Shannon Stewart for Fuse

You laugh, but everyone was jealous of her.

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Jason Newman for Fuse

Do we remember the name of the rapper outside Fader Fort performing with his band? We do not. Do we remember this amazing remote-controlled robo-cam filming him? We most certainly do.

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