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8 Musicians With a Serious Space Fetish

Ground control to 30 Seconds to Mars and Tom DeLonge: You're not the only ones with interplanetary obsessions

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One Direction

One Direction on Vevo

In the perfume ad for their Between Us scent, One Direction's Louis Tomlinson rocked a space suit. Later, following the departure of Zayn Malik, the group revealed a new single, "Drag Me Down." When it came time to film the video, the four remaining boys headed to Houston's NASA Space Center to live their out-of-this-world dreams. So, what's next? Actual space travel? Maybe they'll be the first to perform out there, like Proto Zoa in the Disney classic Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.

Watch the "Drag Me Down" music video here.

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30 Seconds to Mars

Shannon Leto, Jared Leto and Tomo Milicevic of 30 Second To Mars pose backstage during the MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 live
Jeff Kravitz

When 30 Seconds to Mars decided to debut a single from their first album in four years from the international space station, not only did it mark a comeback for the band, it brought space back into the hearts and minds of many. Well, maybe that’s a stretch--but with the 2011 closing of the NASA shuttle program, it was good to hear about the great beyond in the press again. Thus, in honor of outer space and musicians, Fuse has compiled a list of some of the most famous Martians, astronauts, and space moguls to ever rule the airwaves.

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Tom DeLonge

READING, ENGLAND - AUGUST 24: Tom DeLonge of Angels And Airwaves performs on the main stage during Day 1 of Reading Festival
Marc Broussely

Tom DeLonge is best known for being the curious frontman of multi-platinum selling pop-punk act Blink-182 and space-rock supergroup Angels & Airwaves. Not quite as widely known is his obsession with all things extraterrestrial.

DeLonge is a well-read “ufologist,” launching in 2011 a website called StrangeTimes.com to document tales of UFOs, otherworldly activities and various conspiracies. While that site appears to be under construction for now, he has more recently appeared in lengthy interviews with Larry King and Open Minds TV (check out the video below) to discuss his favorite topic.

DeLonge says his addiction to space started at a young age; Blink-182 has a song called “Aliens Exist” on its seven-times-platinum breakout album Enema of the State, and almost the entire existence of his Angels & Airwaves project has centered around space. All of the band’s four full-length albums hover around spacey themes, from the album art and lyricism to a science fiction film, Love, that accompanied the 2010 album of the same name. DeLonge has even been said to bring volumes of UFO research in thick binders with him on tour, never missing the chance to do extra investigating on the road.

Most recently, we heard Tom was working on a UFO movie of his own, taking the next step in his love affair with the extraterrestrial.

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Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne covers the Oct 2008 issue of XXL Magazine.
Jonathan Mannion for XXL

Weezy likes long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and playing "basketball with the moon.” He would also love to “mingle with the stars and throw a party on Mars." Or, so he says in “I Feel Like Dying” from The Carter III. And, like fellow rapper Kanye, he fancies himself a Martian. The Martian references, according to XXL Magazine, he attributes to inspiration by Cee Lo Green brand of crazy and proud. “I’m different from y’all,” he told the mag. “So instead of saying, ‘I’m different,’ I have a cool way of saying, ‘I’m a martian.” If you think you’d be a good match or are simply a fellow “martian,” send tweets to @LilTunechi.

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Dave Grohl

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 13: Musician Dave Grohl of the Sound City Players performs at Hammerstein Ballroom on February 13, 20
Mike Lawrie

Foo Fighters frontman and all-around beloved rock-and-roller Dave Grohl has been everywhere over the past couple years. His band put out a terrific full-length, Wasting Light, in 2011, and he just recently debuted his heralded documentary, Sound City, about the legendary recording studio that goes by the same name. He’ll even be the keynote speaker and perform at this year’s SXSW festival.

As far as we know, Grohl has been just about everywhere…but not space. Not yet, anyway.

After the Foos cleaned up at the 2012 Grammys, Grohl told the world he wanted to record the band’s next record in space. Since then, he’s been busy releasing Sound City and the band actually went on a short-lived, four-month hiatus – but Grohl revealed at last month’s BRIT Awards that he was going start working on the new Foo Fighters record in Los Angeles.

Now that the Foo Fighters are back in action, we’re hoping Grohl reads this to remind himself of his desire to record in space. Because while making a new record in Los Angeles would be cool…let’s be honest, we want to hear what rock and roll’s best can do in zero gravity. 

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Kanye West

MANCHESTER, TN - JUNE 14: Kanye West performs on stage during Bonnaroo 2008 on June 14, 2008 in Manchester, Tennessee.  (Phot
Jeff Kravitz

Ever since we caught our first glimpse of the adorable “Dropout Bear” on his final journey into the stratosphere on the cover of ‘Ye’s third album, Graduation, it was clear we were dealing with a space fetishist. He later admitted at a listening party that he was inspired by a number of sci-fi films including 2001: A Space Odyssey. Then came the uber spacey Glow in the Dark Tour (above) and let’s not forget his turn as an “alien, a big headed astronaut” with fellow space lover/pop tartlet Katy Perry (below).

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David Bowie

English model Twiggy poses with David Bowie in Paris for the cover of his 'Pin Ups' album, 1973. (Photo by Justin de Villeneu
Justin de Villeneuve

The legend may be causing a stir today with the release of his first album in 10 years, but Bowie first hijacked our ears with his freaky space fetish music and alter ego--Major Tom. The astronaut would appear in many songs throughout his career including “Space Oddity,”  “Ashes to Ashes,” and “Hallo Spaceboy.” Bowie was able to express many of his own regrets, struggles, and aspirations through the metaphor of space. If you can’t be an astronaut in real life, just create one through your music!

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Lance Bass

JOHNSON SPACE CENTER, TX - AUGUST 27: 'N Sync singer James Lance Bass, a Space Flight Participant, checks his head set during
Getty Images

Exhibit Lance Bass: when the former ‘N Sync member got the space urge, he moved to Star City, Russia with dreams of becoming the first boybander in space. (Take that JT!) He was even certified by both NASA and the Russian Space program but, alas, after several months of training his financial sponsors backed out and Bass lost out on his dream; but he will forever be lancestronaut to us…

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