March 26, 2013


8 Suggestions for Kanye West's New Album Title

Christopher Polk
Christopher Polk

Word on the street is Kanye West might name his upcoming sixth album I Am God. Because he's not the biggest fan of subtly.

Given that this rumor spread across the Internet in approximately zero-point-zero seconds, we don't think it's true. There's just no way Yeezy, an artist in charge of his work, would allow an important detail like that out of the bag so easily. (Remember how Kanye employed some poor soul hand-deliver beats while the G.O.O.D. Music crew worked on Cruel Summer?) 

But maybe the rumor's not far off. Here are eight album title options Kanye can consider if he wants to stick to the "I Am..." theme. 

I Am The Greatest 
Yeezy uses his sixth album to pay homage to the best boxer in the world, Muhammed Ali... which is convenient because they have the same life motto.

I Am Going to Let You Finish But...
Kanye uses the title—taken from his infamous 2009 VMA speech when he shut down Taylor Swift to show his support for fellow Best Female Video nominee Beyonce—to remind everyone he's the best public speaker ever.

I Am Socrates But My Skin Is More Chocolatey 
A direct quote from his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy song, "See Me Now." If this means a more philosophical R&B album, we're all for it.

I Am the Best Dresser Ever 
Always a fashion risk taker, Kanye uses his new album to share sartorial tips a la his Twitter rant last year, when he informed us lowlifes that we should stop wearing "big ass striped scarves."

I Am Zenith 
Zenith means "the highest point reached in the heavens by a celestial body," which definitely sounds right up Kanye's alley. But Kanye also gave MTV VJ Sway his first TV set, so this is a perfect (and hilarious) double entendre.

I Am the Father
A take on both Star Wars and the rapper's new foray into fatherhood. Plus 1,000 bonus points for a Maury Show reference.

I Am Not Crazy
He just really wants us to get this through our heads, you guys.

I Am Really F-cking Rich
Kanye bought girlfriend Kim Kardashian a $70,000 gift for Valentine's Day. That's not even a real holiday! The whole album will be songs to make it rain to (with a Rick Ross guest appearance on every track.)