March 5, 2013


A*M*E* Bridges Club Music & K-Pop on Duke Dumont's "Need U (100%)"

Jessie J opener A*M*E* is a strange, wondrous pop talent to keep an eye on. Despite being born in Sierra Leone and raised in London—where she started a schoolyard version of Destiny's Child as a kid—one of her driving musical obsessions is K-pop, which comes through in the 18 year old's joyful vocal delivery.

On her latest outing, she sings the hook on a track from DJ/producer Duke Dumont called "Need U (100%). A*M*E* blends her beloved K-pop into Dumont's house music and the result is an irresistible banger that's as suited for clubbing as it is personal headphone jamming.

Major bonus: The video is a trip. It's about a guy who depressively lugs around a constantly-playing cassette player (seriously old school), which he desperately wants to get rid of despite the fact that it causes everyone around him—even surgeons—to break into dance. Watch it above and get ready to move your feet.