March 10, 2013


Axl Rose Claims Slash Tried to Sabotage his Health


It’s no secret that Axl Rose and former GnR guitarist Slash are no longer on hugging terms but it’s always good, innocent fun to read the constant back and forth between these two concerning the origins of their beef.

The latest shot comes from team Axl who claimed in an interview with Adelaide Now that both Slash and former band manager Alan Niven forced Rose to play dates for selfish motives without regard for his health.

The very verbose Rose said in response to complaints of his repeatedly late stage entrances:

"'The Illusions' lineups comments that I've read in the media or in Slash's books were, in my opinion, predominantly public gamesmanship, strategy and politics on their part. Pretending to be unaware or innocent to the public has been a common deceptive tactic often used in regard to what was happening with the band and our relationship with each other.

"As I've said before, I shouldn't have been on tour when we started in 1991, that had a lot to do with Alan Niven, our then manager, and Slash. In my opinion Alan wanted money and Slash wanted the touring to get the better of me given my circumstances at the time. My safety and well-being were not their concern."

But the not always judicious Rose swears he is not trying to add fodder to the two musicians very public feud adding, "In answering I would like to say that I have no intention or desire to take "shots" at either the old band or anyone from any of our lineups. That said, to answer some questions factually and honestly it may appear that way to some. Unfortunately, in my opinion, that's just the nature of the beast."

Hearing criticism from the mouth of a former colleague and friend is hard; at least Slash has Charlie Sheen’s shoulder to cry on.