March 4, 2013


Beyonce Is to Blame for Rhino Extinction, According to Morrissey

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

Despite life as an outspoken vegetarian, there is no lack of beef in Morrissey's life.

It's been a controversial week for Moz after insulting Duck Dynasty and demanding the L.A. Staples Center go vegetarian for his sold-out Friday concert (which ultimately failed). At the concert, he went after his biggest target yet: Beyonce.

According to THR, the former Smiths star scolded the former Destiny’s Child member for her choice of handbags. He claimed her purses have led to the extinction of the rhinoceros, going on his rant before launching into The Smiths’ pro-vegetarian number “Meat is Murder.”

So, is Morrissey’s latest diss justified? According to a 2011 NBC News report, the Western Black Rhino of Africa is extinct, but not the entire species. Also, there's no indication that Bey’s handbags are made from rhino. The singer, however, did upset PETA for wearing fur at the presidential inauguration and a leather/iguana/snakeskin combo for her Super Bowl performance.

Beyonce has yet to respond as Moz continues to gain press for his antagonizing behavior as much as his musical achievements.