March 6, 2013


Bobbi Kristina Sends Message to Whitney Houston Over Instagram

Photo Credit: Bobbi Kristina/Instagram
Photo Credit: Bobbi Kristina/Instagram

A few weeks after the one-year anniversary of Whitney Houston's death, Bobbi Kristina sent a message to her late mother via Instagram on her 20th birthday.

“I pray I’m growing into the phenomenal woman you always knew I’d be mommy, I love you & miss you immensely & I always will," Bobbi Kristina wrote beneath a picture of herself smiling. "YOUaremyHEART • YOUaremyLIFE • YOUaremyEVERYTHING • YOUaremyMOTIVATION • YOUareME • IamYOU. WEareONE • forever&always • iLoveyouMYlady •• xO”

Earlier that day, Bobbi Kristina tweeted a picture of herself hugging her not-exactly-adopted brother—who is also her on-and-off-again boyfriend—with the caption "I love you so much Nick Gordon, Birfday Lovin!" Regardless of how you feel about their close relationship, it's nice to know she can share her birthday with someone she loves.