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15 WTF Musician Product Endorsements

Andrew W.K., Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg and many others have all endorsed totally random products over the years. Because everyone's gotta pay rent!

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Andrew W.K. for Playtex Fresh + Sexy Wipes

Photo Credit: Playtex/Facebook

The last thing we ever wanted to think about when purchasing personal hygiene products was Andrew W.K. But unfortunately, those innocent days are over. 

The "Party Hard" rocker has teamed up with Playtex—oh, to be a fly on the wall in that business meeting—to become the face of their "Fresh + Sexy" wipes, which, according to company, is a "before and after intimate wipe." [Shudder]

Andrew's not the first artist to jump on the musicians-endorsing-weird-and-random-products bandwagon. For example, did you know Smokey Robinson had a line of microwaveable foods? And Method Man once pimped out Sour Patch Kids? 

Take a look through some of the weirdest, most WTF musician product endorsements and stop feeling so bad about your job. Sometimes, it could be worse.

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Ozzy Osbourne for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

Did you ever think Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne, who once bit the head off a bat, would one day be schlepping a butter substitute? We bet he didn't either.

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Former Rolling Stone Bassist Bill Wyman for the Bill Wyman Metal Detector

Because when you think of the Rolling Stones, the first thing you picture is... treasure hunting? Former Stones bassist Bill Wyman started marketing his own line of metal detectors in 2007 which he's used to "find relics in the English countryside."

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Justin Timberlake for McDonald's

Fun fact: "I'm Lovin' It" was a Justin Timberlake song before it was ever a McDonald's slogan. The CEOs behind the golden arches paid JT a huge wad of cash to use the song in 2003 for their new ad campaign. Ten years later, "I'm lovin' it" is still raking in the dough.

In 2011, JT told GQ that he regretted the McDonald's deal for unexplained reasons. It's probably because he clearly never eats there

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Bob Dylan for Victoria's Secret

After running a few TV spots with Bob Dylan's music in the background, Victoria's Secret execs took things a step further in 2004 when they asked Zimbo himself to appear in one of the company's commercials. The result was... weird. See for yourself.

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Warren G for Affirm XL

Yes, Affirm XL are d-ck pills, yes Warren G is on a toilet in this commercial, and yes, he does drop a "Regulate" reference. Win-win-win.

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Iggy Pop for Swiftcover.com

After spending £25 million on this TV ad campaign starring Iggy Pop, British car insurance company swiftcover.com saw a 31 percent increase in sales in 2009. 

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Carlos Santana for Carlos Shoes

Carlos Santana and Deborah King, wife during Carlos by Carlos Santana Shoe Collection Show and Reception at Macy's Herald Squ
Jemal Countess

We're not sure what's weirder—the fact that legendary guitarist Carlos Santana has a shoe line or the fact that the shoes are actually pretty okay-looking. Who knew?

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Joe Perry's Rock Your World Boneyard Blues Hot Sauce

According the the Aerosmith guitarist himself (or the person who wrote the product copy), "Joe Perry's Rock Your World® Boneyard Brew™ has a mystical flavor that will keep your taste buds rollin' all night long!" For $3.99 a bottle, that's a deal!

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Snoop Dogg for Norton Anti-Virus

Snoop Dogg attends Norton Black Market Truck Tour at Bryant Park on August 31, 2010 in New York City.
Jamie McCarthy

In 2010, Snoop Dogg teamed up with Norton Anti-Virus for the "Hack is Wack" contest, where the person who created the best two-minute rap song about "viruses, phishing attacks, identity theft and other cybercrime" would win a trip to L.A. for a Snoop concert. Yes, this actually happened. 

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Snoop Dogg for Hot Pockets

Never one to turn down an irresistible spokesmanship, Hot Pockets convinced Snoop Dogg to let them use his hit "Drop It Like It's Hot" for their new campaign, "Pocket Like It's Hot." And then they put a swagged-out, dressed up, life-sized Hot Pocket in the video.

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Method Man for Sour Patch Kids

In 2011, Method Man created a full, three-minute and 28-second rap song about Sour Patch Kids. Hey, someone had to do it.

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Smokey Robinson's Foods

Finally, something to catch the tracks of your tears: A bowl of microwaveable meat. Thanks, Smokey Robinson!

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Mary J. Blige for Burger King

Mary J. Blige originally teamed up with Burger King in 2012 for what she thought would be a "great branding opportunity." But when the backlash hit—the commercial was widely criticized for playing into African-American stereotypes—the spot was pulled.

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Jennifer Lopez for Fiat

Please—like Jennifer Lopez drives herself anywhere.

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