March 28, 2013


Chicago Siblings Wild Belle Make Dissatisfaction Lovely on "Happy Home"

Chicago sibling duo Wild Belle frequently skew toward sunny, reggae-inflected indie pop. But on the excellent "Happy Home" they mine a lovely, unsettling vibe that answers the refrain "Is this a happy home?" with a definitive "no." Which isn't all that surprising: After all, when was the last time a musician posed that question and proceeded to expound on the details of suburban bliss? Domesticity just doesn't equal cool music.

Over a simple piano riff and clanging bursts of guitar, Natalie Bergman laments the difficulty of escaping your own life and what happens when your partner takes out his heart when he takes out the trash. It's one of the darker tracks on their debut Isles, and one of their best.

And for added eeriness, watch the video below: A film-savvy fan of the band has edited scenes from the 1961 art-house classic Last Year at Marienbad to accompany the tune. It's a winner of a fan-made video.