April 1, 2013


Chris Brown Apologizes to 'Good Morning America' Chair

Chris Brown has finally spoken out about his 2011 assault on a Good Morning America chair. In a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, Brown stated he was "upset and extremely angry with furniture at the time."

Chris Brown’s GMA interview went famously awry for unknown reasons. A member of Chris' entourage stated, "Chris just seemed agitated and annoyed during the entire interview. It may have been that the studio was too cold or something, but I could see Chris was not having a fun time."

Immediately after his performance on the show, Brown stormed off set, ran to his dressing room and threw a chair at a window. The window was shattered, causing several pieces of glass to fall on a group of Times Square tourists who had just visited the M&M’s store.

"I'm a grown-up now, and I now understand that actions can have consequences…even if you’re a best-selling artist," Chris confessed to Seacrest. "I don't know why I threw the chair. Maybe if my dressing room had a sofa, that chair would still be usable. But I can’t apologize enough to the chair and the furniture company who made it."

Following the incident, the chair was deemed unfit to sit on and was decommissioned. The janitor in charge of the removal of the chair stated, "It was a perfectly good chair before Mr. Brown had his way with it. I was sad to dispose of it."

Trying to focus the interview back on his career, the hit singer revealed a major inspiration for his new album X. "I would have to say that I drew from a lot of different sources for this new album. Mainly stuff Ike Turner’s '70s catalog."

Additionally, Brown told Seacrest about his burgeoning acting career and how he hopes to be the "the Sean Penn of his generation." Brown is starring in Battle of the Year: The Dream Team, which has been deemed by one critic as "the most anticipated 3-D Dance Competition movie featuring Chris Brown of 2013."

Not ready to change the subject, Seacrest probed Brown about the chair incident further. "Would you like to apologize to the window as well?" Seacrest asked, to which Brown replied, "That window should have moved out the way."

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