March 8, 2013


Breaking: Chris Brown Still Hates Drake

Gabriel Olsen
Gabriel Olsen

All the letters in Chris Brown's name are almost worn out on my keyboard—another day, another Chris scuffle. This time, Breezy took time out of his busy schedule confronting parking attendants to tell a nightclub full of partiers that he's still mad at Drake. (You know, after that whole fight last year.) This dude knows how to hold a grudge.

While partying at a Hollywood club on Wednesday night, Chris Brown hopped into the DJ booth and requested a mic to speak to the crowd. According to E! News, the DJ was playing Drake's "Started From the Bottom," and that wasn't going over well with Brown. 

"The DJ can play this sh-t," Brown told the crowd, "But I want you all to know: F-ck Drake!" Then he gave everyone the middle finger. A true gentlemen!

Here's the part of the post where we might list a bunch of confrontations Chris Brown's been involved in over the past few months, but we're really tired of doing that. So here's a GIF of a smiling rabbit instead.