March 15, 2013


Anna Kendrick's "Cups": Is the 'Pitch Perfect' Song a Radio Hit?

Anyone who saw the movie Pitch Perfect (aka the Glee-inspired comedy about college a cappella singers) remembers Anna Kendrick’s character, Beca, auditioning for ditzy music snobs by singing a folk ditty accompanied by a plastic cup and hand clap rhythm routine. Here's a reminder if you need it.

It was an awesome musical movie moment, but did you think it'd receive radio play and even hit the Billboard charts? 

“Cups,” the name of the cute 1:17-long tune on the Pitch Perfect soundtrack, has spent 11 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100—it currently places at No. 85—and is pulling strong digital sales. And now with an extended folk remix, it's beginning to catch on at radio, too.

A reworked, two-minute-long version of “Cups," embellished with a new bridge section and folk-pop string arrangement, is being shipped to DJs. And they're responding! Billboard reports Kendrick's track is approaching the Pop Songs airplay chart as it racks up spins in Salt Lake City, Indianapolis and on XM Radio. The new version will soon be released to iTunes.

"Cups" is undeniably catchy and if listeners are dropping money on an a cappella version months after the movie's release, perhaps it's poised to climb the charts even further. Listen to the folk remix above, then watch Kendrick perform it live on Letterman.