March 29, 2013


Every Musician Ever Apparently Went to This 1997 Radiohead Show

This may be the best possible way to kick off your weekend. The Fader unearthed this ridiculous guest list from Radiohead's 1997 show at Irving Plaza, featuring basically every musician you've ever heard of in the same room.

Absorb the awesomeness of that list—a virtual "We are the World" for the hipsterati. Madonna and Courtney Love discussing being badass female singers. Marilyn Manson and his 13 (?!) guests planning a collaboration with Dave Matthews. Russell Simmons and Kate Moss swapping yoga tips. This could go on forever.

Also note: Beastie Boys, Blur, Oasis, REM and U2 just get listed as collective bands rather than individual members, presumably meaning they all just roll up together. Which U2 member had to tell a sheepish box office member, "We're on the list. It's under 'U'"? Did each member of the Beastie Boys say one syllable of their name ("Bea"! "Stie"! "Boys"!) like in "Fight For Your Right"? And who is "Fast"?

While we reel off 784 more questions in our head, we'll leave you with the above.