March 27, 2013


James Franco Spoofs Selena Gomez's "Love You Like A Love Song"

James Franco is an actor, musician, director, teacher, author and Oscar host. But viral video star?

In January, he and actress friend Ashley Benson (a star on ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars and his Spring Breakers co-star) made a spoof of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend". Now, they're coming after their Spring Breakers co-worker Selena Gomez.

Like their "Boyfriend" parody, the video is intentionally low-low-low-budget and the duo's lip-syncing skills leave much to be desired. But that doesn't mean it isn't hilarious.

Benson is the star of this vid with Franco appearing in the choruses—his first in a girly wig and tank top. They even throw in a satirical take on American Beauty, dropping flower petals on Benson during the bridge. (No nudity, though.)

Check out their latest vid above. But take heed: not hearing anything when you play the video? Your speakers aren't broken. Looks like Franco screwed up the audio in his monologue at the beginning of the video. Music kicks in at 0:12.