March 9, 2013


Just in Time for Group's 20th Anniversary, Wu-Tang cutting a new album!

Bob Berg
Bob Berg

It’s been a good week for Wu Disciples. 

First, earlier this week, as reported by Billboard, Method Man broke the news at the Key Club in Los Angeles that a new record in celebration of their groundbreaking first LP'Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) was nigh.

Method Man’s claim was then confirmed by fellow member Cappadonna in an interview with yesterday.

WHAT: "I already spoke to the RZA," Cappadonna said. "We've been texting each other. We’re definitely concentrating on more positivity and teachings and trying to put that back into the original recipe for this next Wu-Tang album."

WHERE: “It’s all being done in the secret Wu-Tang Bat chamber. RZA has all the tracks lined up. There are recordings taking place in New York, L.A. and perhaps at the Wu mansion in New Jersey.”

WHEN: Well, here’s hoping there’s AC in the WT Bat Chamber this summer so the guys can get to work as Method Man claims the album will be out “this year—this f—kin’ year.”