March 27, 2013


Justin Bieber Showed Up to the Airport Shirtless for No Reason

Kevin Winter/DCNYRE2013
Kevin Winter/DCNYRE2013

Justin Bieber made it really easy for the security guards at Poland's Wladyslaw Reymont Airport when he showed up for his flight this Monday. We all know to take our shoes off to go through security, but Biebs went ahead and took his shirt off too. Because...? No idea.

The Daily Mail has photos of the "Beauty and a Beat" singer walking through security shirtless and surrounded by a bunch of other travelers with their shirts on. Also, his boxer brief-ed butt is totally hanging out of his pants. Kids these days...

Also, Bieber miiiiiight have spit on someone. On Tuesday news broke that Bieber's neighbor was accusing the singer of battery, and today Gawker reportedly received an email from someone claiming to be a friend of the neighbor, explaining that Bieber spit on the accuser. According to the "friend," Justin was apparently asked to keep it down after racing his new Ferrari around the neighborhood early Tuesday morning. After words were exchanged between him and the neighbor, so was spit (allegedly!).