March 8, 2013


Justin Bieber Threatens London Paparazzi: "I Will Beat the F-cking F-ck Out of You!"

Justin Bieber's less than stellar week continues in London after he told a group of pushy (and frankly, rude) paparazzi that he would "beat the f-cking f-ck" out of them. Whoa!

While leaving his hotel on Friday, Justin stormed through a group of paparazzi waiting for him outside. He quickly got into his car while the photographers griped, "Easy, Justin! That's assault... I moved out of the way!" Then came the swear words: "F-cking little punk! Go back to America! F-cking little moron!"

And that's when Justin had enough! He got out of the car and threatened the paparazzi while his bouncers held him back. "The f-ck you say? What'd you say? I'll f-cking beat the f-ck out of you!" And then Justin did just that! Just kidding—he got back into his car before any punches were thrown.

Bieber's been having a rough time during his trip to the U.K. First, he celebrated his 19th (and "worst") birthday there. After that, he had to issue an apology to fans after showing up to his own concert almost two hours late. And just last night, Bieber fainted backstage and ended up at the hospital. (No worries, he's OK.)

Maybe it's time for Bieber to wrap his European portion of his tour (scheduled to end in April) and come back home for some Canadian TLC. Or maybe just a night off with a hot bath and some rom-coms. Rest up, Biebs.