March 8, 2013


Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz Named the Hottest MCs in the Game

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

Today is a fantastic day to be Kendrick Lamar and an anger-filled, troubling one for Kanye West. In other words, today is a totally normal day which coincidentally sees the complete release of MTV's much-argued-about annual Hottest MCs in the Game list, which ranked 2012 breakthrough Kendrick Lamar as the No. 1 hottest rapper of last year.

When MTV's Sway Calloway told Lamar the good news, the 25-year-old rapper responded with restraint and humility. "That's crazy," Lamar said. "[I always thought I] gotta at least get on there, but to make it No.1? I feel good."

There you have it, folks: Lamar "feels good" to be called the most talented, relevant rapper on the scene. Obviously, he saves his best words for his songs.

Coming in at No. 2 is 2 Chainz, who changed himself from a long-time also-ran in the game to a major player in 2012. For that feat, no small thanks goes to Kanye West, who gave him his breakthrough verse on "Mercy" and appeared on "Birthday Song."

You gotta wonder if 'Ye is happy for the flailing career he helped turn around or a bit sore, given that Mr. West did NOT take it well that he peaked at No. 7 on this year's list. Either way, let's hope Kanye didn't give 2 Chainz a TV, because he seems to believe that condemns the receiver to a lifetime of servitude.

2 Chainz tweeted his reaction earlier today, saying the ranking was "def a blessing" because he "always wanted to be mentioned on that list." The artist formerly known as Tity Boi objected to being ranked above Nas, though: "Def kant f-k wit Nas, [he] ill."

Nas came in at No. 4, with last year's list-topper Rick Ross taking this year's No. 3 slot. Surprisingly, burgeoning rap talent Justin Bieber was nowhere to be found on this list.