March 8, 2013


Kings of Leon Are Probably Drunk Right Now

Andy Kropa
Andy Kropa

If you've been wondering what Kings of Leon have been up to since the 2010 release of Come Around Sundown, bassist Jared Followill finally revealed the group have been in the studio, working around the clock and tinkering to the point of insanity to unveil their magnum opus.

Just kidding. They're just drinking a lot.

Followill gave a kinda-sorta-not-really update on the new album via Twitter last night, writing, "Just tried for a sequence to the new album. Very exciting stuff. I can't quite nail it down due to the being too drunk. #Tomorrow"

When asked by a fan how often he drinks, Followill replied, "Usually between 7 and 8 days." Rock stars: They're just like us.

Like any good tweeter, Followill remains thematically consistent, detailing his booze-soaked life and exploits with wine, beer and inappropriate Twitter drafts. And that was just this week.

For those who prefer pictures of guitars, ginat middle finger gloves and banged-up cars, may we direct you to Followill's perpetually entertaining Instagram.

No word yet on when the new album will be released, but the band will be returning to the stage this summer for a few one-off U.S. festival dates before an European tour this summer.