March 19, 2013


NYC Rapper Le1f Wants You to Have Sex to His Next Mixtape

Shannon Stewart for Fuse
Shannon Stewart for Fuse

Das Racist producer-turned-rapper Le1f gave hip hop fans one of last year's leftfield pleasures with "Wut," a horn-honking, ass-shaking joint with a deliriously fun video (the clip showed him dancing all up on an oily hunk wearing a Pikachu mask).

Now, eight months and two mixtapes later, the New York MC is poised to take his career to the next level. We caught up with the delightfully candid rapper at SXSW, where he dished on his libidinous Tree House mixtape.

"Tree House is all these love songs over experimental trap beats," Le1f tells Fuse. "Every song on it is about love. There's one song that’s about crying on my shoulder, but most of them are about romance and sex. 

"I want it to be like Jeremih's Late Nights [mixtape]," Le1f laughs, referencing the "Birthday Sex" R&B singer. "I want people to have sex to it. I’m not singing like [Jeremih], although I wish I could. But the mood is very much like that."

Aside from his (ahem) banging beats, Le1f says he's also setting material aside for his eventual debut album—just don't expect it anytime this year.

"I want it to be like Jeremih's 'Late Nights' mixtape. I want people to have sex to it."

Le1f on his 'Tree House' mixtape

"I’m just accumulating ideas right now," Le1f explains. "I’ve have a couple things I’ve been sitting on, like these beats a friend gave me which I think are just too amazing to put on my next mixtape."

Although Le1f says he originally wanted to match Lil B's prolific output, he's holding back a bit for now. "I could totally put out [an album] this year but I probably won’t," he says, flipping his braided blonde extensions. "I have too much music to make already—I don’t want to do three releases [in one year], although I could. It's too early to say what [the album is] going to be, but it's already in my mind."

While you wait for the Tree House mixtape to soundtrack your next nailing session, you can download Le1f's Fly Zone mixtape right here.