March 15, 2013


Lupe Fiasco Stands Against Gun Violence on "Jonylah Forever"

Lupe Fiasco has memorialized a fellow Chicagoan on his new track, "Jonylah Forever." Earlier this week, six-month-old Jonylah Watkins was shot five times as her father, Johathan Watkins, who was also shot, changed her diaper in their car. After undergoing five hours of surgery, Jonylah passed away. According to ABC Chicago, her father is still recovering. 

In "Jonylah Forever," Lupe imagines the baby's life as though she was still alive. "The world wasn't at peace, gunfire every weekend / But you were hardly there 'cause you was always leaving / Field Museum, planetarium, aquarium / You saw something special in the tank you was staring in."

R.I.P. Jonylah. And props to Lupe for continuing the conversation.