March 17, 2013


Madonna Dresses As Boy Scout at GLAAD Awards

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

Madonna is desperately seeking to be a boy scout. At the 24th annual Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Awards on Saturday evening in New York City, the iconic singer stepped out to the podium dressed as a boy scout from head-to-toe. Who knew merit badges could be so fashionably chic? But her outfit was more than a fashion statement.

In a 10-minute speech Madge told GLAAD attendees that the Boy Scouts organization should change their "stupid rules," which currently has a ban on gay scouts and scout leaders.

"I wanted to be a boy scout but they wouldn't let me join... I can build a fire. I know how to pitch a tent... Listen, I want to do good for the community," Madge said. "Most importantly, I know how to scout for boys!" Ain't that the truth.

Check out her entire speech below. Preach on, Madge!