March 26, 2013


March Madness Round 2: Vote for the Remaining 8 Viral Videos

#1Welcome to the Exasperating Eight

You spoke and we listened. Our Viral Videos March Madness bracket has made the shift from 16 videos to only eight, and now the next round of voting is ready to begin!

Check out the first round of voting here!

We asked you guys to vote for the most maddening viral videos from the past year - but we think most of you went the route of picking the cutest kittens or most talented birds because we saw some monumental upsets.

"Gangnam Style" and "Harlem Shake," which we pegged to meet in the championship, were both ousted in the first round of voting. Regardless, this week's Exasperating Eight round offers some intriguing match-ups.

We've got the very popular "Taylor Swift ft. Goats" in a showdown against the auto-tuned "Oh My Dayum" video, along with the hologram form of Tupac squaring off opposite a dubstep-singing bird.

Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the exhilarating rush of voting through another round. Be sure to cast your votes by midnight EST on March 31 and come back the next day for the Frustrating Four!

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