March 22, 2013


Vote Now: Viral Videos March Madness

#1It's March Madness, People

It happens every time. You'll watch a video when it has, like 1,000 views and find it mildly amusing. Then, for weeks after that, every single one of your friends tweets it at you or watches it for the first time at a party. Holy crap, people are still just discovering this?

We know just how maddening these videos can be -- but now we need your input to know which you love to hate the most. Today's Steaming Sixteen kicks off with eight match-ups for you to dissect. Which of these videos were impossible to avoid? Which songs were stuck in your head for weeks on end--against your will?

We chose videos based on numerous scientifically researched categories: Total YouTube views, cultural impact, the cuteness of the cat in that "Kiss From A Rose" video... 

The match-ups are set. Now click through and vote on which of these viral phenomenons were the most maddening.

Refresh yourself on the videos soon, because the voting for this round ends at midnight (EST) on March 25! Come back next week to vote again in the Exasperated Eight!

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