March 2, 2013


Sorry Morrissey, Meat Was Actually Served at Your L.A. Concert Last Night

Didier Messens
Didier Messens

In the case of the Staples Center's carnivorous food options vs. Morrissey’s staunch request for a 100 percent vegetarian menu for his concert Friday night, the Los Angeles arena prevailed. Bold move, Staples Center—better watch your back.

Despite a back and forth between the "Meat Is Murder" singer and the arena, Moz assured fans that vendors wouldn't serve any meat at his gig. But fans' tweets soon proved him wrong not long after doors opened. 

Vegan blogger @quarrygirl tweeted, "Live from the Morrissey STAPLES Center concert: floor level all vegetarian, top floor serving meat. McDonalds is indeed closed."

Others such as Music for Good TV and Instagram user blaim provided images of meat-filled sandwiches and other meat dishes being served.

Don’t get too worked up, Moz. Remember, you’re recovering from a bleeding ulcer!