March 25, 2013


Check Out This Free, Fan-Made Nine Inch Nails Concert Documentary

Michael Loccisano
Michael Loccisano

Nine Inch Nails devotees love that band with the fervor of a Golden Retriever following its owner around the house after his or her return from a long vacation. And fortunately for casual fans of the band, NIN stans are much savvier with technology than the Scottish pups, although they seem to have as much free time on their hands/paws.

After three years of effort, a group of NIN fans calling themselves a tiny little dot have unleashed a 3.5 hour concert documentary about the band's final show of the Wave Goodbye Tour on September 10, 2009. Why? Because they l-u-v NIN, duh! 

nine inch nails: [after all is said and done] is culled from 75 hours of footage shot by 27 different HD cameras. This 37-song rock doc is a labor of love unlike anything in the fan tribute realm. Although it's similar to the Beastie Boys' Awesome! I F-ckin' Shot That film—it's a professional quality documentary which uses raw footage from fans—this project originated not from the band, but organically from the fans.

So before NIN hit the road again this year, download the [after all is said and done] torrent for free and experience the band's last concert to date.