March 9, 2013


Noel Gallagher Disses Justin Bieber

Shannon Hall
Shannon Hall

Former Oasis bandleader Noel Gallagher has never met (or heard of) an artist that he didn’t attack--literally and/or figuratively. And now one of music’s most infamous jerks has the tween heartthrob in his crosshairs.

In an interview with The Sun Gallagher could not help but let everyone know just how uncool it was of The Biebs to show up late to his London concert saying, “Is it rock ‘n’ roll to be two hours late? It depends on what he was doing in those two hours. Was he snorting coke off prostitutes? Or was he playing bridge? That’s not very rock'n'roll, is it? My cat sounds more rock ’n’ roll that that.”

But wait Noel! How does someone as rock ‘n’ roll as you even know about the latest Bieber news?

"I just know his name — Justin. Whatever. I don’t know anything about him. I know people really f--king hate him, don’t they."

Poor Justin, the Brits don’t seem to be his biggest fans. Best hop back across the pond before things get worse!

But more importantly, Noel Gallagher has a cat? Interesting considering his track record with animals.