March 19, 2013


One Direction Fans Threaten Liam Payne's New Puppy

Photo Credit: Liam Payne/Twitter
Photo Credit: Liam Payne/Twitter

It's one thing when you're a teenage girl amid throngs of hormones and piles of Bop magazines and you're genuinely convinced that a member of One Direction is your eternal soulmate. (Guilty as charged: Taylor Hanson, 1997 - 2000). But it's another thing when you're tweeting death threats at a dog. 

1D's Liam Payne recently got himself an adorable new puppy and shared a photo of the little one (above). "Everybody meet mine and [girlfriend] @daniellepeazer new dog Loki," he tweeted. And then everybody was like, "Awwww."

Well, not everybody. Some rabid Directioners (and part-time animal haters) tweeted about Loki and threatened to physically harm the poor thing. (Yes! The adorable dog in that picture!) 

"I hate that moment when I'm really excited to read his tweet but instead I saw that dog aghhh #dieloki," one fan wrote. Metro U.K. noted a few other tweets: "The dog is not going to see tomorrow if i can help it…u were supposed to come back for me liam," one wrote. Another said, "I am outraged and appalled f-cking Loki the dog! That dog ain’t nothing but the scum on my shoe."

Girlfriends of teen idols have faced backlash for "stealing" famous dudes since girlfriends of teen idols have existed. But dogs? Come on, people! Leave Loki alone!