March 9, 2013


Calling All Horse Dancers: PSY to Release New Single This Spring

After eight months of horse flailing to Psy's "Gangnam Style," the K-pop star says it's time for a new single. Ya think?

Psy tweeted at his 2.3 million Twitter followers yesterday, linking to a video announcement for the follow-up to his YouTube record-setting single. In a clip full of animated bombs and Psy's crazed red eyes, the singer made the grand announcement:

"On April 13, 2013, my new single will drop globally! To commemorate the release, I will be holding an exclusive concert titled, "HAPPENING," at Seoul World Cup stadium in Korea! I'm going to do a concert in Korea. You can see it live on YouTube. Just for you."

Not one to be trumped by the latest dance fad, Psy did his own dance version of the Harlem Shake fittingly titled "Gangnam Shake."

Check out the clip below.