March 2, 2013


Rihanna Plans for Baby, Calls Chris Brown Relationship "Unbreakable"

Rihanna opened up about her tumultuous relationship with on-again boyfriend Chris Brown in the April issue of Elle UK, calling their relationship "unbreakable" and even suggesting that she's ready to have a baby.

"Now that we're adults, we can do this right. We got a fresh start, and I'm thankful for that," said RiRi. She added that they also have "a great friendship."

"You don't have that feeling with everybody, so when you have it, you don't want to let go of it. I would definitely say that [Brown] is the one I have that kind of relationship with."

And RiRi is already talking about babies, saying she will "probably have a kid" in the next five years.

"And [five years from now] I'll have set some things up so I don't have to tour for the rest of my life, even though I love touring. I want health and happiness in five years. I want to be healthy and happy," she said.

In recent months the couple have been more public with their rekindled relationship; Rihanna and Brown were seen together at the Grammys; RiRi accompanied Brown to his court hearing last month; and the duo were also seen celebrating Rihanna's 25th birthday in Hawaii.