March 1, 2013


Scott Weiland Says STP Fired Him as Publicity Stunt to Boost Ticket Sales

Tim Mosenfelder
Tim Mosenfelder

Earlier this week Scott Weiland was unceremoniously axed from his band Stone Temple Pilots... or was he? Because the singer is now calling the band's statement a stunt to boost ticket sales. 

TMZ caught up with the singer yesterday at Los Angeles International Airport, where he was catching a flight to Flint, Michigan for the first stop of his tour. "STP's not broken up," he said in a video interview. "It's a whole thing to just try to boost ticket sales." He added that the band is contractually prevented from continuing on without him, and when asked if he's still in STP, he said, "I started it."

Here's what we know: Weiland was "fired" just days before he was scheduled to kick off his solo tour, which will include lots of STP material, played by non-STP members. So it's easy to see why the other STP members would be pissed at their iconic frontman, who's denying them a check by hiring cheaper backup musicians to play their songs. 

TMZ's post claims that Weiland's firing was to drum up interest in a tour the remaining members were planning without him, which would be moot if Weiland's "contractual agreement" statement is true. It all sounds like a big, big misunderstanding a communication breakdown... or... 

It's all an elaborate ruse to inform me, a big Weiland fan unaware of his solo tour, to buy a ticket to the NYC stop on March 9. I knew it!!! Scott, bro: I'll be there.