March 15, 2013


5 New Irish Acts to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

#1It's Time to Grab A Cold Green One and Listen to Music

St. Patrick's Day is serious business, people. It's a celebration of the Irish and all things wonderful about Irish culture. A time to unabashedly appreciate the magnificent food and everything else that makes Ireland great. A day to raise a glass to the man, Saint Patrick himself. 

Who are we kidding? It's an excuse to turn our beer green and then drink it. All of it. Oh, and Jameson, too.

But we can't very well engage in all this feasting and binge drinking without listening to some music to accompany us. And since we've already given you a list of five essential Celtic rock bands, we've today decided to follow that up with a collection of our favorite Ireland-based acts from across the spectrum.

These groups range from comedy hip-hop to all types of indie, folk and pop rock. You go ahead and dive into our choices - we'll grab the the corned beef and Guinness.

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