March 8, 2013


SXSW Is Here: A Day-By-Day Schedule of Who to Watch

It’s almost here. SXSW 2013 is on our doorstep. We’re packing our bags, digging out our best flannel shirts and making--then remaking--our schedules, even though we know we’ll never stick to them.

SXSW didn’t exactly creep up on us this year, though. We’ve given you guys plenty of ways to prepare for your SXSW outing. Whether you’re an Austin local or traveling from outside the States, we’ve got something for you in our 2013 coverage.

If you take a gander to your right (and click the image to enlarge), you'll find a day-by-day and genre-by-genre rundown of artists to check out every day of the week. Yes, we took the liberty of creating a makeshift schedule to help you navigate through the week! You can download a printable PDF right here.

If that's not enough for you, we sifted through the hundreds (thousands?) of bands playing and boiled it down to 30 must-see acts. From hip hop and indie rock to punk and electronica, our must-see musicians will satisfy concertgoers of any persuasion.

Enjoying SXSW is an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime, but you have to make sure you get to Austin first--and stay alive while you’re there! Our survival guide includes some tips on where to stay, how to easily get around during the week and a checklist of ways to make sure you have a great weekend.

Last but not least, we tapped bassist Bryan Richie from Austin’s own stoner-metal act The Sword for an insider’s look into the festival. Bryan advised us on where to find the best Mexican chow, which dive bars to hit up and other tips of what to expect during the week.

By the time you’re done digesting all of this, you’ll be at least a few minutes closer to SXSW! Hopefully you’re as excited as we are. Stick around right here for up-to-the-minute coverage during the festival, and we’ll see you in Texas!