March 16, 2013


Jim James Joins Flaming Lips For 'Yoshimi' Duet at SXSW

Shannon Stewart for Fuse
Shannon Stewart for Fuse

In what is certainly one of the most normal things Wayne Coyne has done in months, the Flaming Lips brought out Jim James for a duet during their Friday night set at SXSW.

But before taking the stage with the My Morning Jacket frontman, Coyne teased a possible onstage collabo with a very different artist—Justin Timberlake.

"Someone told me Justin Timberlake is backstage getting high," Coyne joked to the crowd. "Do you want me to bring him out?" After repeated chants for "JT" and "Justin!" a man walked onstage with his face wrapped in bright green cloth, causing the audience to pause and silently ask, "Is this him?"

As it turned out, Mr. 20/20 Experience had NOT wrapped his head in neon green, but the MMJ singer had. He and Coyne proceeded to share a lovely moment, trading verses on a gorgeous version of "Do You Realize??"

Honestly, the crowd couldn't have cared less that JT didn't pop up. Because despite all the megastars that hit SXSW these days, a lot of people still show up ready to take whatever they happened to run across. And a duet between these two is exactly the kind of awesome surprise people head to SXSW to see.