March 18, 2013


Awesome, Hilarious & Confounding Quotes Overheard at SXSW 2013

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

"I think those guys were in a band." – A sentence spoken by one out of every five people walking the streets of Austin

"Are you homeless or just a crust punk?" – Girl uncertain if she would give change to a man on the street

"Martin Al Gore!" – A guy at the Depeche Mode concert, repeating this to everyone like it was the greatest joke ever

"Who Killer Mike became is basically because of this festival." – Killer Mike to his SXSW audience 

"I can't get in." – Everyone at SXSW at some point 

"Tap water? That'll be $1.50." - Employee, not joking, at pizza place

"I love being a musician. It feels like being a servant. A servant... to you." - One of the many awesomely bizarre things Prince told his audience

"This is a little past my bedtime." - Patrick Stump during Fall Out Boy's set, which kicked off at 1 a.m.

"This better not be 75 percent water." – A d-bag with a sunglasses-tan threatening the bartender after getting his drink

"That song might be short, but you get the same amount of f-cking notes because we play it faster." - Fear frontman Lee Ving at Dave Grohl's Sound City Players concert 

"These black boys were asking for my number in the bathroom line!" An excited, horrendously sheltered suburban girl at a Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era concert

"Goddamn I got b-tches! Damn I got b-tches! Damn I got b-tches! Wifey, girlfriend and mistress!" – A drunk man at the Kendrick Lamar show screaming this lyric from Lamar's "Backseat Freestyle" into his girlfriend's face over and over

"Wait, are they sisters?" – An in-the-dark photographer at a show for identical twin sisters Tegan & Sara

"I wasn't even on drugs." – Billie Joe Armstrong after experiencing microphone trouble during Green Day's SXSW set

"Someone told me Justin Timberlake is backstage getting high." - Wayne Coyne during one of the Flaming Lips' SXSW sets.

"I just had the best four days of my life!" - Woman to the cashier at an airport taco stand after SXSW wrapped