March 19, 2013


Norwegian Pop Group Young Dreams Play Shimmering Afternoon Set at SXSW


For most people at South by Southwest, 12:20 pm is farmers' hours. After a night of nonstop music and other entertainment, many festival attendees spend their mornings (and afternoons?) curled up in bed crossing off all those early shows they were "totally going to see."

But Young Dreams, a Norwegian pop collective who filter a love of sunny Beach Boys melodies through slightly fractured pop a la Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear, flew all the way from Bergen to play the festival. We could walk the 15 minutes.

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The group's breezy chamber-pop turned out to be perfect for afternoon listening, with new track "First Days of Something" from their debut album Fog of War blending seamlessly with earlier material.

The band jokingly bribed the audience with free T-shirts that they forgot to bring the day before, but it wasn't necessary. With any luck, they'll be the band playing under the sun at your favorite festival this summer.