March 13, 2013


No Boys Allowed in Taylor Swift's "22" Video

Whatever you were doing at 22, it was likely more salacious than what Taylor Swift and her friends are up to in her latest video, "22" (which is about being 22 years old, if you didn't pick that up in the context clues).

Taylor premiered her fourth video from Red, and instead of crying about boys in this one, she rounded up her BFFs to wear non-prescription glasses, sunbathe, sing into utensils and crash a house party. No passing out in your front yard after 13 PBRs here, y'all. (Was that just me?)

Even though her version of her early 20s might be a bit more tame than yours, you can't blame her. She's not exactly living the most normal life. Case in point: Aerosmith's Steven Tyler thinks she's hot. He also wants to work with her. "She's blond with all the hits... She's hot," Tyler told Us Weekly. Keep that to yourself, dude!