March 27, 2013


The-Dream's Fifth Album Is Now Called 'IV Play'—Get It?

Last month, R&B singer/unnecessary hyphenator/swap meet shopper The-Dream announced that his latest album would be titled Fourplay and would soundtrack your lascivious weekends starting May 7. Well, things have changed...

The album is now called IV Play and is set for release on May 28. Why he swapped English letters for Roman numerals is unclear. Also, this is The-Dream's fifth album, and it's called IV Play. Whatever. The-Dream writes sexy songs, and that title is certainly sexxxy.

The singer also released two versions of the album's official artwork; the white logo on black to the right and black logo on white for you The-Dream completists who must own everything he does.

The album comes nearly two years after his fourth album Terius Nash: 1977, which, it should be noted, was not called IV Play.

The-Dream, "Slow It Down"