March 8, 2013


Beyond Bass Drops: 10 Non-EDM Artists Not to Miss at Ultra Fest

#1Death to Laptops


Annnnnnnnnnd... repeat. Sure, EDM has risen from illegal warehouse raves to conquer the charts and cover Rolling Stone magazine, but there's still no denying it: EDM's sound can be distilled to a few overused laptop effects and bass drops. And after 16 hours on your feet dancing in the hot sun to similar-sounding music, any fan will drop harder than the bass in a Skrillex track. But not at 2013's Ultra Fest. Nuh-uh, no siree!

The lineup goes beyond EDM's heavy hitters. There's an artist for all moods and styles. Ready to whisk away that hottie and slow down the mood? Ultra has the solution. Wanna prove to your pals that your musical taste knows no bounds? Ultra is here. Need a chill nap-sesh in the grass to charge your batteries? You get the idea. Ultra's got you covered, bros and bras, and Fuse has your non-EDM itinerary down to T. 

Here are the 10 artists of the non-EDM persuasion the you can't miss at Miami's Ultra Fest. And get this: some even play real instruments! So what are you waiting for? Click "Nxt" already! 

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